The Laurel Canyon Land Trust (“LCLT”) is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of conserving undeveloped land in Laurel Canyon, California.  

​Established in 2017, the Laurel Canyon Land Trust, is the sister organization of the Laurel Canyon Association, a long-standing neighborhood association.

​The Laurel Canyon Land Trust is a public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We have coordinating the acquisition of six parcels since our formation in 2017. Average purchase price is $1.66 per square foot.

Our mission is to acquire existing undeveloped land in Laurel Canyon for both residents and animals. Keeping the Canyon wild.
What We Do
Laurel Canyon Land Trust
Our Current Project

Protecting Open Space

Who We Are
The Land Trust works to acquire existing undeveloped lands in Laurel Canyon in order to preserve the natural environment. 

​Among other things, this open space is used for historical, educational, ecological, recreation and scenic purposes.

The Land Trust works to preserve the natural topography and wildlife of the Santa Monica Mountains and hillsides in Laurel Canyon for the benefit of all the people of Los Angeles. 

Will you consider donating toward our next purchase? 

Our last project was the acquisition of an approximately 6000 square foot parcel at 0 Lookout (APN 5562-001-036) located in a mapped Habitat Linkage Block. The land contains large native trees and provides habit for rare and threatened species. The purchase price was $35,000.  Will you help replenish our reserves by donating here?

Prior projects include 2243 Laurel Canyon Boulevard and the "Let's Buy a Mountain" project. The Land Land Trust, in partnership with several state and local groups, completed the purchase of a 17 acre mountaintop between Lookout Mountain Avenue and Stanley Hills Drive in December 2017.  Click here to read the LA Times Article. Details regarding the Let's Buy a Mountain can be found here. Click here to see videos of the project.