Laurel Canyon Land Trust

Who We Are

The Laurel Canyon Land Trust (“LCLT”) is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of conserving undeveloped land in Laurel Canyon, California. LCLT is the sister organization of the Laurel Canyon Association ("LCA"), a long standing neighborhood association in Laurel Canyon and is the outgrowth of the open space preservation activities of LCA. The mission of the Laurel Canyon Land Trust is to both preserve land for the enjoyment and education of residents and to provide habitat for the flora and fauna of the Santa Monica Mountains. The Laurel Canyon Land Trust is a public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation and all donations are fully tax deductible. 

What We Do

In partnership with federal, state and local organizations, the Laurel Canyon Land Trust works to acquire existing undeveloped lands in Laurel Canyon in order to preserve the natural environment. This open space will be used for historical, educational, ecological, recreation and scenic purposes. Additionally, the Laurel Canyon Land Trust works with property owners to accept donations of land and to obtain conservation easements over land that they already own. These conservation easements will protect existing land from development while maintaining the ability of property owners to enjoy their property in an environmentally responsible manner. The Laurel Canyon Land Trust’s vision is to preserve large blocks of natural open space where native plants and animals can thrive and children and adults can learn about the natural environment.  

Why Preservation is Important

The preservation of the remaining vacant land in Laurel Canyon is especially important because Laurel Canyon is located in an environmentally sensitive area and is home to a watershed and greenbelt in the vastly developed plains of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. The natural space and beauty of Laurel Canyon has inspired residents, artists and musicians for over 100 years. Additionally, the hills in Laurel Canyon have provided a scenic backdrop for the rest of Los Angeles and the forested valleys and chaparral-draped hillsides have offered habitat for native wildlife.

Where is Laurel Canyon?

Laurel Canyon is a residential community located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California. Generally speaking, Laurel Canyon is  bounded on the north by Mulholland  Drive  and at the south by Hollywood Boulevard. The  main streets  are  Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Mulholland Drive, Wonderland Avenue, Lookout  Mountain Avenue, Kirkwood, and Stanley Hills. Laurel Canyon includes Laurel  Canyon Boulevard, its  feeder streets  and the Kirkwood, Stanley Hills, Lookout Mountain and Wonderland bowl areas.

Our First Project

The Laurel Canyon Land Land Trust in coordination with the
Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (“MRCA”), the Laurel Canyon Association (“LCA”), and Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (“CLAW”) raised $1.6 million to acquire 17 acres of undeveloped land atop a mountain located between Lookout Mountain Avenue and Stanley Hills Drive. The project was dubbed “Let’s Buy a Mountain.”  The Let’s Buy a Mountain property is a critical hotspot for wildlife connectivity where deer, coyote, bobcat and even an uncollared mountain lion roam. Native trees and plants on the property also capture storm water discharge and contribute toward carbon sequestration – effectively cooling the City. 

The project’s success was made possible by funding from the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the David Schwartz Foundation, Councilman David Ryu’s Office, LA County Supervisor Sheila Khuel, Don Henley of the Eagles, and hundreds of individual donations from private citizens.  More information for this project may be found at Click here to read the LA Times Article.

Additional Projects 

The Laurel Canyon Land Land Trust raised approximately $6000 in August of 2017 to acquire a 3,051 square foot parcel located at 1935 N. Jewett. The parcel is located along a "paper street" used by residents for hiking and walking. The parcel is located in a designated Habitat Linkage Block designated and mapped by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

In October of 2018 we announced the purchase of 2243 Laurel Canyon Boulevard. After two years of advocacy, appeals, litigation, and (sometimes very heated) settlement meetings, this land was acquired to preserve as permanent open space!

The parcel was purchased from the developer of an adjacent house under construction at 2239 Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Replacement California Black Walnut Trees (a threatened native species) will be planted on the newly purchased parcel in order to mitigate the impacts of the development.

In June of 2020 we announced the acquisition of an approximately 6,000 square foot parcel in Laurel Canyon (0 Lookout Mountain Avenue, Los Angeles, CA (APN 5562-001-036)). The purchase was made possible by a generous donation from the David Schwartz Foundation.

The land contains numerous large, mature California Live Oak and Southern California Black trees. The parcel is also located in a mapped Habitat Linkage Zone by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and provides habitat for rare and threatened species (both flora and fauna).

In  the summer of 2020 we  acquired an approximately 6000 square foot parcel at 0 Lookout (APN 5562-001-036) located in a mapped Habitat Linkage Block. The land contains large native trees and provides habit for rare and threatened species. The purchase price was $35,000.  

In September 2020, we acquired  three vacant parcels at the end of Brier Drive (APN 5556-011-063, 5556-011-044 and 5556-011-064).

In December of 2020 we acquired three vacant parcels (approximately 12,828 square feet) near an active trail in the Kirkwood Bowl (APN 5567-018-050, 5567-018-039 and 5567-018-040). Some residents refer to this area as the “Witches Trail.”   Check out our video here.

In March of 2021 we acquired two vacant parcels (approximately 5,000 square feet) at 8993 and 9009 W. Crescent Drive in Laurel Canyon (APN 5563-002-021 and 5563-003-005). The parcels are also home to an extensive walnut woodland mapped by the National Park Service.

In March of 2022 we acquired a 9 acre parcel located at 8516 Lookout Mountain  (APN 5567- 004-014). This acquisition increased the Let's Buy a Mountain Nature Preserve to 26 acres. This acquisition was made possible by grant funding from the California Natural Resources Agency, and donations from over 70 private donors and the Laurel Canyon Association .  

In May of 2022 we acquired two parcels at 2135 and 2141 Laurel Canyon Boulevard (APN 5567-029-007 and 5567-029-008). These parcels are located along a locally designated Scenic Highway  and are within a walnut woodland. The acquisition was made possible by funding from the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, two private family foundations and donations from over 60 provide donors. 

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Board of Directors

Jamie T. Hall - President

Cat Deakins - Treasurer

Julian K. Quattlebaum - Secretary 

Heather Roy - Director

Justin Boose - Director

Contact Information

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